Black Sesame Cookies [55]

Black Sesame Cookies

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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Black Sesame Cookies

Adapted from WendyinKK


  • 100g salted butter, softened
  • 60g icing sugar, sifted
  • 120g plain flour (can replace 50g with wholemeal flour)
  • 50g finely ground toasted black sesame


  1. In a mixing bowl, add the flour & black sesame, set aside.
  2. Beat butter with icing sugar until well-combined. Add in the flour mixture and mix well. Let the batter rest for at least 15 mins in the refrigerator.
  3. Roll the batter into 2-cm balls, place on the lined baking tray and flatten it. You can sprinkle black sesame seeds over it. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degree C for 5 minutes or until the edges are slightly brown.
  4. The cookies should be very soft. Let it cool slightly before transferring them to the cooling rack. They will turn crispy when cooled.


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