Steamed Pumpkin Kueh with Grated Coconut [05]

I have tried so many recipe to make pumpkin kueh from stiff texture to wobbly and I think this recipe is a keeper, though a bit difficult to handle.  The pumpkin kueh is soft and springy and the color of the pumpkin attractive.  A great dessert to serve your guests. I used small tart molds instead of tray for steaming to reduce steaming time, easier to unmold and no need to slice too.


150g pumpkin puree
110g tapioca powder
25g rice flour
80g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
200g coconut milk
85g water

100g grated coconut
pinch of salt


1. Combine the grated coconut and salt and steam for 5 minutes.

2. Cut the pumpkin into thin wedges and remove all the seeds. Steam the pumpkin pieces for 15-20 minutes. Check for doneness by pushing a tip of a knife into the pumpkin. When it’s ready, you should be able to insert the knife easily.

3. Add in the tapioca flour, rice flour, sugar and salt. Mix well.

4. Add in the coconut milk and water gradually.

5. Strain the mixture into a pot and warm over low heat, stir constantly to prevent burning (test with your finger, it should be slightly warm only)

6. Pour the warm mixture into tray and steam over high heat for 20 minutes, or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

7. Allow the kueh to cool before unmolding them. If you are using a tray, let it cool for at least 3 hours before cutting it. Coat the kueh with grated coconut before serving.



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